Amazon Prime Music provides music collection in more than 20 languages and this is the reason why amazon prime music is one of the largest and biggest music streaming platforms in the world. The subscription for prime music is also affordable and you can easily get started with it. Visit music and follow the procedure for activation.

Why Amazon Prime Music??

Amazon Prime Music is the most loved and amazing streaming platform that enables the users to listen and enjoy their favorite songs. Prime Music has become the largest and biggest music streaming platform in the world as it provides more than 20 languages in its music collection. Amazon makes Prime Music available on many different platforms like you can also enjoy amazon prime on roku, x1, and other platforms also.

How to Activate Amazon Prime Music from

1. Start our device and connect it to internet
2. Find and install "Amazon Music" Application
3. After successful installation, open the prime music application
4. Click on "register on Amazon Website" and move to the next step.
5. You will receive an "Amazon Prime Music Verification Code" on the screen
6. Save this code in notepad and head to in your browser
7. Input the login details of amazon account to login
8. Type the "Amazon Prime Verification Code"
9. Check the code for the confirmation and click on the "Register device" button.

How to Connect with Amazon Prime Music?

1. Start our device and connect it to the internet.
2. Download and install amazon prime music application
3. Click on the Sign in button and use your amazon account credentials to sign in.
4. You will get amazon activation code. (keep it safe for activation)
5. Visit or in any browser
6. Enter the code you get on device and sign in to amazon account
7. Your device is registered and connected to prime music.